Similarity Between Chinese And Indian Culture

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Similarities and dissimilarities between Chinese and Indian Culture
- Posemsetty Padma Lakshmi Naga Apoorva 20131070
Chinese is analogous to Indian Culture in many ways. I reached to this conclusion because of the many similarities I found throughout the course. First we learnt about how the Chinese believed the earth was formed how their life started from a seed and after this being kept on going and separated the sky and the land and then the snake like goddess created human beings. Even though this might not be similar coincidently many of our gods and goddesses too are half human and half animals. For example out Lord Ganesha has the face of an elephant and the body of a human even though it is contested that this was to cover up facial
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People in north generally eat bland food which is no doubt due to the dry climate whereas in South the staple diet is rice. The food in south is comparatively bland comparatively bland compared to south. In China people living in colder regions prefer to have spicy food because it keeps them warm but surprisingly the food in South of India is spicier compared to Northern India even though it is northern India which has a chillier winter. South Climate is more governed by humidity. So rice we eat is rich in carbohydrates. There is ample of difference between the Indian rice and Chinese rice. The rice made in China is more adhesive in nature which most likely is the reason people can eat with chopsticks. Chopsticks make it necessary for the person eating to concentrate on his food unlike eating with hands or with cutlery. In India especially in south people prefer to eat with hands as they believe the in that way we can assimilate the food better. Only a few decades or maybe half a century ago people especially those who live in villages of south India used to eat in banana leaves. This in my view is more eco friendly, contains anti- oxidants which help fight cancer, its water proof also interestingly it is better to eat on a banana leaf if conditions are unhygienic. I also noticed that most of the Chinese cuisine presents food in its simplest form like soup or broth which I find is really healthy of ensuring that we get all the nutrients. Generally food when washed rather rigorously loses some of its nutrients which can quiet vital ones. And also by serving food at its simplest form we digestion along with fast metabolism is ensured. In India too food is served in rather simple way but I think its a recent phenomenon in which people started adding more spices to satisfy their taste buds. Though awareness has played an essential role in making people cut down the

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