Essay about All Time Remember The Titans For My Film Review

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I chose my favorite movie of all time Remember the Titans for my film review. This movie is based on a true events in the seventies where racism was still on the rise. A school was integrated with black and white students and the town was not very happy about it. The school originally had their all white football team with a white coach but another black male coach was hired as the head coach and many fellow black males joined the football team. This easily caused a lot of conflict between not just the town but the football players and coaches. The team had go to football camp for the summer and naturally each race stays with their own going by on separate buses. On the way to camp Coach Boone, the black male coach makes all the football players get off the bus and each pair up with someone of the opposite race. This causes discomfort on the way to camp between the players.
Football camp Things do not get better in camp either. Players cannot seem to get along with anyone that is not of their race. Even when they are forced to spend time together they cannot find similar interests in each other and it becomes a divided team whites vs. blacks. The team captain of the white team Gerry, at some point tells the team captain of the black team Julian, that he is nothing but a waste of space. This triggers an angry reaction from Julian. Throughout the film there were many times that the black football players would get angry and aggressive and it made me reflect back to the…

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