All Students With Disabilities Deserve A Free And Appropriate Education

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All students with disabilities deserve a free and appropriate education (FAPE). This can be achieved with school districts considering the concerns of parents and staff members who are aware of student’s academic struggles. Students can be granted FAPE when school districts accurately evaluate and assess to determine their area of disability. Once a school district accomplishes that duty, an appropriate education based on the student’s disability can be obtained. Expressed concerns about a student must be addressed to avoid a decline in student’s academic development. This paper will discuss laws that advocate for students with disabilities and how it is enforced into the school system. Keywords: assess, suspected disabilities, laws, special education, IDEA, FAPE, IEP

Assessing All Areas of Disabilities
Schools must prioritize their efforts on locating, identifying and assessing students with disabilities. Child Find mandates that school districts set forth this action. Although school districts are knowledgeable about such laws, not all abide by it. School professionals, such as school psychologists, have been trained in ethics, school laws, and school systems (NASP, 2016). Therefore, school psychologists are qualified individuals to assist in properly locating, identifying, and assessing students (Harris & Thomas, 2014). An appropriate education cannot be given students if areas of suspected disabilities are not assessed. The effects of failing to utilize…

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