Alcohol As A Common Danger Essays

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Alcohol can not only damage parts of the body, but also directly poison the body. Many people, when encountering alcohol for the first time believe themselves to be invincible. They drink large amounts in short periods of time and may possibly die of alcohol poisoning or have to go to the hospital and get their stomachs pumped. This happens because alcohol affects the body 's heart rate and blood pressure, when large amounts are consumed in short periods of time one may fall into a coma and possibly die. One common instance of this is when young adults drink twenty-one shots for their
Smith 5 twenty first birthday. Although some may be able to handle this large amount of alcohol, others cannot take so much and die of alcohol poisoning. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol poisoning kills an average of six Americans per day ( Vital Signs... 2). If people were better informed on alcohol and it 's dangerous and knew how to drink responsibly, alcohol poisoning would not be a common danger. Alcohol affects many other parts of the physical state of the user, although some are not effected to such an extent as others. Other parts of the user 's body that are affected with alcohol abuse are: weight, the heart, and birth defects. Alcoholic beverages contain sugar and various other carbohydrates. Common knowledge suggests that excessive consumption of sugar and many carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. Some alcoholics may experience tremendous weight…

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