Alcoholism In The Glass Castle, By Jeannette Walls

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In The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, She faced the terrible problem of alcoholism just like some people in today’s society. Alcoholism is still a problem in society today.Her dad went through some hard times which made him dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism is one of the most things people label as addictive. People turn to alcohol like it is the only thing that can help them; they say it clears the mind and comforts them. There are many addictions out there, but I do not believe that Alcoholism is the one that I would encourage people to pick. With alcoholism, there are many problems that come with getting addicted. Research has said that an individual 's biology is the reason that they get addicted("Why Do Only Some People”. Biological …show more content…
Her dad went through many different stages while he was drinking. Alcohol reduces our ability to think straight," says Professor McMurran, a psychologist at the University of Nottingham. "It narrows our focus of attention and gives us tunnel vision. 
"If someone provokes us while we 're drunk, we don 't take other factors into account, such as the consequences of rising to the bait.
The way we process information is affected when we 've been drinking too. We 're more likely to misinterpret other people 's behaviour and misread social cues. This could be the reason why so many drunken fights start over little more than a 'dirty look (
"Alcohol and Aggression.") Most of the time he was angry or went through an aggression stage. He would constantly be fighting with somebody, or he would end up taking his anger out on his family. He basically abused his wife multiple times during the book while he was drunk. Jeanette, the author of The Glass Castle says, “You should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.” Any money that he could mooch out of anybody he would not use to help out the family. He would take the money straight to the store to buy some booze. And then he wondered why his family and his kids did not want to live the life that he did. Jeanette ended up going to college and getting …show more content…
It all comes down to how much you drink. if you drink a little bit you will be less anxious than if you were to drink a lot of it. The less you drink the more calm you are( How Does Alcohol Affect You.) In the book Jeanette 's dad was a very heavy drinker. And the more that you drink the less calm you will be, and you will tend to get aggressive and lose your patience. Jeanettes dad was basically jobless. He basically went through so much stress to where he went to alcoholism. Now he has a short temper, he has no money because he spends it all on booze, and his whole family is basically against him because of how aggressive he is. He has abused the mother in many ways, and women in today 's society have been abused because of the male being drunk, and having an aggression problem. Alcohol-related violence has been making headlines with increasing frequency, but not everyone who drinks alcohol, even to excess, becomes aggressive. In fact it 's only a small minority, says psychologist and Stanford University substance abuse researcher, Dr Adrienne Heinz."Very few people when they drink actually become aggressive," says Heinz.When large amounts of alcohol are consumed in very little time the result is alcohol poisoning which can result in violent vomiting, extreme sleepiness, unconsciousness, difficulty in breathing, dangerously low blood sugar, seizures and even death. Alcohol poisoning can be serious and sometimes deadly

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