Analysis Of Jeannette Wall´s The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle tells the story of author, Jeannette Wall’s, life as she grows up with quite peculiar parents. Jeannette is a middle child with an intelligent older sister named Lori, a tough younger brother named Brian, and later on, an even younger sister named Maureen.
The book opens in present time showing Jeannette as an adult on her way to an event. She then saw her homeless mother digging in the trash. Feeling shameful, Jeannette headed back home. The story then switches off to the past when Jeannette was only three years old. She was using the stovetop when her dress caught on fire causing her to become severely burned. After spending some time in the hospital, her father rushed her out to avoid paying the bill. The family of six was constantly low on money and food resulting in moving homes often. They would switch between different
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I learned what it’s like to grow up with irresponsible parents. Jeannette’s father struggled with alcoholism and her mother mostly ignored her. She had to learn to take care of herself at a very young age which most people don’t. This book made me realize what it was like to live in Jeannette’s shoes. This book also taught me how important it is to work for your goals. Jeannette dreamed of moving to New York and becoming a news reporter. This was not a simple thing to do due to her having no money. Jeannette put all of her efforts into achieving her goal and even after some significant setbacks, was able to accomplish it. I also acquired the knowledge of the importance of forgiveness. Jeannette’s parents made lots of mistakes as they raised her and she always chose to forgive them. She grew up with an alcoholic father who often became verbally and sometimes physically abusive towards her and her family. It didn’t take Jeannette long to realize it’s easier to forgive her father than to hold a grudge. This book held some significant messages that really benefit the

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