The Importance Of Setting In The Glass Castle

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Belal Jamil
Mrs. Dachille
AP3: Hr. 1
19 August 2015
The Glass Castle: Setting In The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, setting plays a crucial role in the plot. The book revolves around the life of Jeannette Walls, from her early childhood in the 1960’s, to her adult-life in the early 2000’s. Since Jeannette’s father, Rex Walls, is unable to hold down a job and refuses to pay taxes, a majority of Jeannette’s childhood is spent moving from city-to-city. Due to this, there is no specific location in this book. Throughout the novel, Jeanette and her siblings are constantly awoken in the middle of the night, told to grab only a handful of their possessions, and forced to leave everything else behind. Since the family is constantly moving around,
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At the beginning of this book, Jeannette has an extremely positive and hopeful attitude. She believes that her parents are extremely responsible individuals who can take care of her. This can be seen when Rex asks Jeannette “Don’t I always take care of you?’ ‘Course you do,’ she replied” (9). Jeannette’s attitude towards others is greatly shaped by her parents. For example, her father told her that child-welfare would take her away and break the family apart; this caused Jeannette to say “I had never hated anyone more than I hated that child-welfare man” (194). Although Jeannette respects and trusts her father at the beginning of this novel, as time progress she begins to lose faith in him. This can be seen when Rex steals her travel fund money, manipulates her to buy cigarettes, and allows a guy to grope her. When Jeannette is helping her father scam a man for money, her father tells her to go upstairs with the man into his apartment room. As Jeannette escapes from the apartment and goes to her father’s car she states “I was so angry at Dad I couldn’t bear the idea of him rescuing me… I felt like throwing my money at him” (213). From this moment on, Jeannette realizes that her father is only using her for his personal gains and starts to resent him. Although Jeannette starts off as a young, optimistic child her attitude about her parents quickly change as she gets

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