Albanese 's Transnational Crime And The 21st Century And Naim 's Illicit

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Albanese’s Transnational Crime and the 21st century and Naim’s Illicit, discuss gun smuggling, human organ smuggling, and stolen property smuggling. From previous readings, we know that crimes such as these advance due to the fall of the Soviet Union, globalization, and even the advancement of technology. For each of these crimes, the authors elaborated on the type of harms that occurred, the benefits for those involved with these crimes, the challenges that are faced when trying to prevent these crimes, and finally what can be done to prevent each. Gun smuggling involves the trafficking of armory that can be sold to individual, businesses, and or also countries. There are many risk factors that are involved with this crime that can impact not only the victim, but also the smuggler and the host country. To begin with, the victims of gun smuggling can be the individuals who are on the other side of the weapon itself, causing damage to not only the victim but also the family of that said individual. Then, for the smuggler who is selling these contraband faces the risk of being caught and apprehended. However, though gun smuggling can bring in potential revenue for the host country, it can also create turbulence as well. For instance, governments often did not have cash to pay for weaponry, so they paid in other natural resources such as diamonds. This resulted in the term, “conflict diamond”, where precious stones from otherwise poor countries were mined and sold…

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