HIV/AIDS Advertising

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The issue that is being promoted is the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) that can lead to AIDS. This ad is unique by using a superhero, superheroes are known to be invincible, but the fact that Aids made us equal, shows that this disease can affect anyone who is not cautious. AIDS can be transmitted by many ways, but the most common are sex and needle sharing (“What Is HIV/AIDS?”). Safe sex is crucial in today 's society especially with gay and bisexual men (‘U.S. Statistics”). Without safe sex many people will receive sexually transmitted diseases, also known as STD’s. AIDS is one of the most common STD’s, but is not only an STD due from receiving it by needles. As stated above AIDS can also be transmitted by the sharing of needle or
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The one line in this ad, that makes everything you thought about AIDS, go out the door. It makes a superhero equal to a human being. A disease that could have been avoided if Wonder Woman practiced safe sex and not used, used needles. Protect yourself. The ad is stating that you should take all the precautions so protect yourself from this deadly disease. The fact that a superhero is laying in a hospital bed with IV’s going in and out of her body is chilling. All the color in her body is gone and all the needles pokes that left bruises on her arms, is unthinkable! The filter over the ad makes the viewer seem like the setting is in a dull, no sign of life environment. Wonder Woman is still in her costume because AIDS does not affect you right when you get it, it will take awhile to take over your body.
This ad is very persuasive in regards to the primary appeals that were being used. Fear brought the primary appeal of pathos and the hospital brought the primary appeal of ethos. Wonder Woman was very helpful in this ad because of the fact she is a superhero and to normal people superheroes do not get hurt or sick. Once the subject reads or sees this advertisement they will understand how vital safe sex is and clean needles

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