Afrs 150 Essay

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Can too Much Knowledge be a Bad Thing? There is a saying that states that knowledge is power. Knowledge is one of the greatest things a person can have when critically thinking. There are many aspects of knowing something. In this case, having the correct answer is only part of this delicate process. Also involved in this process is reaching the realization that the correct answer has been obtained. The only downside to this would be having the wrong answer and believing it to be true. When someone has been taught a certain method or idea their entire life, it is nearly impossible to abandon those beliefs. But to a critical thinker who can view other opinions with an open mindset, this sudden shift in knowledge might not be so …show more content…
When something is known, opinions regarding that topic begin to form. An opinion is any given person's feelings toward a subject. Some opinions can be similar while others remain polar opposites. They solely depend on the person's taste. Technically there is no such thing as a bad opinion, because the idea that an opinion is bad is simply a person's reaction to an idea that may not be favorable to them. There are a couple extra things to keep in mind when thinking critically about someone else's opinion. Everyone, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, etc. is entitled to their own personal opinion. It is a critical thinkers job to keep an open mind when these opinions are being shared. Members of the jury debating a case is a common setting where disputes about opposing opinions can easily arise. This is where many things can cloud a person's judgment about an opinion. Morals can easily turn a calm conversation into a heated debate. When a person's morals come into play during a discussion they tend to keep the persons from thinking clearly. This is where the argument about who is right and who is wrong begins. Because of this clouded judgment neither party is taking the time to look at the topic from multiple perspectives. Viewing a topic from different points of view is a key quality of

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