African Americans And The American Culture Essay

1041 Words May 25th, 2016 5 Pages
African-Americans have been and continue to be treated as lower class citizens. The American culture has made little attempt to help African-Americans. Which has left the prejudices and racism discussed by Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird still present in law enforcement, the dismissal of African-American lives, and even in education. America has just woken up to the racism that is still present in law enforcement. In cities all across America, including San Francisco, where some racist cops have been exposed, police departments employ racist officers. Police officers have come to view blacks as more likely to commit crime, purely based off the color of their skin. Police officers in San Francisco engaged in texting racist messages back and forth, including one that “said simply ‘white power’” (Williams 11). Officers in San Francisco and all across the United States have come to believe that the white race is superior, thus allowing officers to see African-Americans as inferior. With a lessened view of African-Americans, officers portray blacks to be criminals. Racism not only affects an officer’s view of African-Americans, but it also lowers the effectiveness of their job. Many police officers “[work] in predominantly minority neighborhoods” (Williams 11). As in San Francisco, when a racist officer is serving a minority community, they let racism affect how they do their job. Racism can lead the officers to respond slowly, treat blacks with hostility, and…

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