Affect The Effectiveness Of Breastfeeding And Love Relationships?

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Breastfeeding is something that women have done since the beginning of time. However, now women have other options other than breastfeeding. Yet, researchers have found that by not breastfeeding both mothers and children might be missing out on important benefits. BREASTFEEDING CAN LEAD TO BETTER HEALTH, INCREASED BRAIN DEVELOPMENT AND CREATES STRONG PARENTAL BONDS THAT AFFECTS FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS. Although there are many different variables in a woman’s lifestyle that affect the effectiveness of breastfeeding. When a mother breastfeeds, the milk comes in in different stages. Each stage has its own purpose and evolves to protect the newborn baby. The first stage of breast milk helps the baby develop immunities to germs that are around them. …show more content…
All through life we create different relationships with people, and being able to have healthy relationships while as a child is very important. However, just because someone breastfeeds her baby does not mean that the mother and child are going to have a better relationship than a mother who used formula. Although, Liberty and Woodward state some very interesting information in their article title, “Breastfeeding and Child Psychosocial …show more content…
It helps the mother with knowing what the baby needs and it also helps the mother protect the baby from any dangers. However, breastfeeding is not as easy as it sounds, and to Catherine Moore, the difficult parts is what makes the bond stronger. Catherine Moore is a mother of three and has breastfeed all of her children. When Catherine was asked if the difficulty of breastfeeding ever ends up making up for itself, she replied with a very interesting statement. “I believe that it does make up for itself. When ever something is difficult, it helps create a stronger bond with you and your child. That does not mean that a strong bond can’t be made without breastfeeding though.” However, not all mothers have the time to breastfeed their children.
Yet, the mothers that do, make sure that they have enough time in their day to feed their newborns. And even though it sounds easy, finding time to feed your baby might be harder than it sounds. Therefore, “Moms with more resources, with higher levels of education and higher levels of income, and more flexibility in their daily schedules are more likely to breast-feed their children and do so for longer periods of time” (Caldwell). So even though breastfeeding is had many different benefits, many mom’s in the world don’t have the time or resources to breastfeed their

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