Advocacy Essay

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Drawing on your current and previous social care experience, theoretical perspectives and knowledge acquired through the DPP2 module, present a discussion of your understanding of these concepts and, their relevance to your own developing professional practice.

This assignment will examine the concepts of Advocacy, Partnership Working and Empowerment. It will firstly describe the three concepts individually and then, in order to examine the topic in more depth, scrutinise how the concepts link and are relevant to each other. The complexities and tensions regarding these connections and how these may impact on service users, social workers and social care agencies will also be examined. Examples of professional working practice
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There are differences as to how partnership working is currently used in social care, for example, some agencies excel in working with clients and involve them as much as possible in the whole process, but make little progress in working with other professionals. By contrast, other agencies may work very effectively as part of a multidisciplinary network but have little partnership working with any of the clients themselves (Thompson, 2000). An ideal to strive for is the balance between working with the client and other professionals in partnerships. A basic description of partnership working with service users would be working with clients, as opposed to doing things to or for them (Thompson, 2000). In partnership working, the client is seen as the ‘expert’ on themselves and therefore it is essential to involve them in all of the processes. This is in contrast to the medical model, where the professional is seen as the expert on the client and the client’s health and the relationship is often paternalistic. However, this model too is changing with the onset of the information age and the ‘expert patient’ who is often very knowledgeable in regard to their own medical conditions. Good partnership working with other professionals is of great importance in order for services to be delivered well. The relationship between different agencies can

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