Advertising - a Necessary Evil? Essay example

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Advertising - a necessary evil?
By Brigitte Heyer
"Advertising is the art of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it." Stephen Leacock Every business needs advertising, like it or lump it. Although there are some geniuses around who have the knack to get it right, for most people effective advertising is a long, and often costly, learning experience. You soon learn what does and doesn't work, and try bravely to withstand the lure of clever, well-trained reps working under the whip to get your dollars. In this article I want to give you some helpful hints regarding ads in print - whether on a flyer, in a magazine, newsletter or paper, the strategy needs to be the same. First of all - does the print medium target the
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• • An image - cartoon, illustration, photo Where to buy it - company name, contact details.

Did you notice- the company name comes last!

Only if you're Woolies or Daimler-Benz does it make sense to say so at the top of the ad. The top is the bait, the lure, the WIFM = What's In It For Me?, that hopefully gets your prospect to read what it is they desperately desire, and to follow the trail you so cleverly laid out to captivate them at the end! (Which, of course, you will follow up with exceptional customer service. It makes you feel good, and if the experience was positive beyond your product or service, they will be back for more.) Get your wording right, have a picture that emphasizes the most important part of your message (and adds humour, where appropriate - maybe not for a funeral parlor ), give the weary eye some resting space, and your ad is well on the way to success. Another important point is typefaces, fonts and font sizes. Ideally, limit yourself to one or two fonts. Sans-serif (eg. Arial, Helvetica) for headlines and anything BIG, serifed fonts (Times New Roman etc) for body copy. It increases comprehension, and that's what we want. Avoid capitals and underlining, and restrict bolding. BOTH APPEAR LIKE SCREAMING. AND YOU KNOW HOW WELL YOUR KIDS LISTEN IF YOU SCREAM AT THEM! Now even with the best ingredients, it can be a bit of a maze

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