How Is Lying Justified

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June Hyung(Eric) Kim
Mr. Shimazaki
American Literature
The Line of Morality for Unethical Decisions
The purpose of lying varies depending on the situation. Although people often utilize it to benefit themselves, it is also sometimes necessary for people’s lives. As a consequence, drawing the line between whether a certain lie is justifiable or not could become extremely difficult. The concept of fear of the unknown overlaps within The Crucible, The Lord of the Flies, Twilight zone, and it even applies to our modern day society, according to the CBS article. The fear of the unknown mainly brings chaos with itself, creating the situation itself very extraordinary. Some utilize this as an excuse for wrongdoings, and some even try to make
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Since the fear of the unknown is technically ‘unknown,’ people tend to create virtual images, or at least the indicators of it. This idea is clearly displayed in The Lord of the Flies, where the belief of the unknown beast grows stronger within the boys as the boys become even more savage. The boys in the island creates an virtual image of the unknown, which for them is the beast, and claims that it looks like a “snake-thing [that is] . . . ever so big . . . [and which] came in the dark” (Golding). However, the beast is later identified as the parachute of a dead pilot rising up and down by the wind. Identically, in The Crucible and The Twilight Zone, because everyone is in a such a perplexed situation, they all tend to believe anything extraordinary as the proof of being a witch or a alien. In particular, in The Crucible, Rebecca Nurse, a person who is “very brick and mortar of the church,” gets accused of witchcraft for “murder[ing] Goody Putnam’s babies” (Miller 71). This idea not only applies to these novels, but it also extends and also applies to our modern day society, as it is also shown by the CBS News. When the police accused Hernandez and planted the idea of possibilities into his mind, then even the suspect himself began “doubting his own memory” (Leung), although he was clearly innocent. The virtual image for his case was the idea itself that was planted into Hernandez’s mind. The fact that the police “suggested” (Leung), or in other words, planted, the idea of the possibility for making a crime doubtlessly must be considered immoral. However, the law clearly states that the policemen are allowed to deceit the suspect for the purpose of acquiring the suspect’s confession. Now the question is back at whether these situations should be justifiable or not. The most uneasy part of the fear of the unknown is simply because of the fact that it is

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