Essay on Advertising : Pantene Philippines, Label 's Against Women

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The advertisement you just watch was Pantene Philippines, Label’s Against Women. #whipit. The number 1 hashtag in the Philippines and the third most popular hashtag on twitter on November 26th 2013. When Pantene Philippines released their advertisement on November 9th 2013, it reached worldwide attention. Then reaching 36 million views on YouTube. By Pantene Philippines creating this controversial advertisement, it’s not surprising they received global publicity. The gender stereotype that is being utilised to sell the product, Pantene Pro-V is how women are inferior to men. This advertisement represents how society labels women and the double standards that occur when men and women perform the same role. The use of this stereotype helps sell the product by encouraging everyone to push away the double standards that hold the target audience, women, back. My three points that I will be discussing to support this are, firstly the different stereotypes and labels for women and men, secondly the emotional undertones and finally, the empowerment of women.
To begin with, for years advertising and other media have reinforced the cultural assumption that men are dominate and women are passive and inferior (Cortese, 2007). Social gender stereotyping is highlighted throughout the whole advertisement. For each stereotype represented, the female was presented in a negative light. The advertisement shows a professional female and male in identical situations but receiving different…

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