Essay about Advertising Of Boy And Girl 's Toys

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1. Looking at commercial advertising of boy and girl’s toys; girl’s commercials played soft musical tune, while boy’s toy commercials had more of a rock and roll musical tune. Furthermore, the media enforced general roles to the viewers by only including males in boy’s toy commercials and females in girl’s toy commercials. The settings for boy’s toy commercials were usually outside and consisted of darker colors. In addition, they included toy weapons and/or action figures (males with large muscles) that provoked thoughts of violence. On the other hand, girl’s toy commercials we usually inside a home and consisted of bright colors. Most toy advertising consisted of pretend cooking sets, playhouse sets, and beauty sets. The commercials might say, to a foreigner to our culture/society, that girls are taught at a young age to cook, put on makeup, and enjoy shopping. In addition, they are taught to take on roles that have been placed many years ago, by staying at home to do the chores of the house. While the men go out and put food on the table. For instance, boys are taught to learn skills, be aggressive/tough, and understand the role of providing for a family by playing with toys. Others might say that in our society we have gender expectations that we enforce to our young through the media and toys they play with.

2. Boys: True Hero, Mobile Squad Dune buggy.
Girls: My Little Pony Box Beauty Set.

3. Boys: This toy is intended to grab the attention of a young boy because it…

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