Essay on Advertising is a legalized form of lying Discuss

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Necessity is the mother of invention' is an oft-quoted saying. But now-a-days the reverse of it is more true. In modern business, 'invention' is mother of necessityIn this age of machinery, new things are produced everyday. Market is created for these things through advertisement
Businessmen advertise their goods in various ways and thus spread a knowledge of their goods among the customers.
It is through advertisement that people begin to feel a need for even those goods of which they had never heard before. Advertisement creates demand. it is the backbone of commerce and
Industry. No business can stay in the business world without advertisement. A successful businessman is one who snatches away
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This is undesirable. To get success in business every big or small business-concern must make effective us of art of advertising goods. To run a business without its aid is not possible in the modern age.
“the advertisement for the body-spray, Impulse. The whole idea of a man absorbed in his daily routine being suddenly roused out of it by a whiff of Impulse and then going through a series of impulsive actions to compliment the lady wearing it, is romantic and endearing to most women.
This combined with the light, tinkling piano accompaniment and soft-focus filming makes the advertisement an attractive one. Then we have the newspaper and magazine advertisements, in vibrant color, interesting graphics and witty slogans. Take a look at most cosmetic advertisements like Maybelline or Cover girl, where the page is attractively splashed with the newest colors the manufacturer has come up with a pretty, lively girl caught in mid-laughter. Therefore,

advertisements today are generally interesting due to the visual and sound effects made possible y advanced technology in the various mediums of print, sound and film, and a little imagination, especially when rival companies try their best to attract consumers and so try to advertise better.
Are they useless? Not necessarily. In many ways advertisements help to keep the cost of most publications low so that we can afford them quite easily. This applies in the case of our daily newspaper “The Straits Times”, the

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