Advertising Is The World Of Today 's Society Views Women By Objectifying The Female Body

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“Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.” - George Orwell
A swill bucket is a slop bucket that farmers keep garbage in order to feed their pigs. In this analogy, the public are the pigs that eat up the garbage that the farmers (advertisers) feed to society. Essentially Orwell is implying that advertisements are trash that the public eats up. The public is constantly surrounded by advertisements, promotions, and commercials, which influence how society thinks. The main goal of an advertisement is to sell a product, but advertisements sell more than products; they sell ideas. Advertisements define how the culture of today’s society views women by objectifying the female body, creating unrealistic standards of the female body, and by promoting gender roles. In advertisements, women are not seen as people; they are seen as sexual objects. For example, a Carl’s Jr commercial that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl depicts a seemingly nude, beautiful woman walking down the street as multiple men ogle and stare at her. In the approximately 50 second commercial about Carl’s Jrs’ new hamburger, the hamburger itself is only promoted for about 20 seconds. The commercial spends more time advertising a nude female than the actual hamburger itself. Instead of promoting the new hamburger, the commercial mainly focuses the attention on the woman. Because advertisements strictly aim to promote products, they often focus on the selling point of a commercial more…

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