Essay about Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising

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Advertisements have always taken a significant role of people’s daily lives. With the development of technological devices, it is impossible to escape from the advertisements. People now are surrounded by advertisements all the time and everywhere, in the TV screen, newspaper, magazines, and on the internet. Advertisements help the people to know information about the products and keep track of the new products out there. However, with all the advertising out there, advertising techniques have changed in several ways to grab the consumers’ attention and to keep the consumer loyalty to the product. According to James B. Twitchell’s article, “What We Are to Advertisers,” Twitchell said, “The object of advertising is not just to brand parity objects but also to brand consumers as they move through these various communities.” (Twitchell 182) This explains why many of the advertisements now tend to be more manipulative than to be informative. Many people opposed to the idea that the advertisements are manipulated and they often argued that advertisements increase the consumers’ knowledge about the products. However, there are some evidences that advertisements are manipulating the consumers and influence their decisions by associating the product with feeling, using music or famous characters, and making the advertisement visually attractive.
Firstly, opponents of the idea that advertisements are manipulating claim, that advertisements only provide the consumers with the basic…

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