Advertisement in Modern Society Essay

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Advertisement in Modern Society

Advertising is everywhere. We simply cannot help what attracts our attention on the way to work or school. For simply a second, you’re relaxing on a beach enjoying some new beer, or in an upscale night club being the center of attention because of our new dress. Advertising has the power to tap into the dreams every person has: to seem completely happy and enjoyable. If only for a second, it gives us a different perspective on life, and in that way, advertising is clever. Marketing directors study society today and use our most common daily habits as a way to see how they can connect to us on a very intimate level. I feel it almost as an invasion of privacy. If we let a random stranger into our homes
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Through watching “Berger: Ways of Seeing”, I realized advertising is completely useless to the real world. It does not benefit our society directly in any way. It cannot feed starving children, nor do help to a struggling community get back on its feet. It simply pushes people to buy, consume, and fall into debt.

Because of advertisements, many people are in debt for their shopping addictions. Many people in society have self-esteem issues or simply issues that are out of their control. It is easy for a person going through a rough time to run into an advertisement nearly anywhere in their day and find comfort in the promise of a better life. They see a product advertising a better lifestyle, more friends, or simply more confidence due to a fragrance and cannot see how that will not happen to them. Advertising specializes in misleading the consumer to think that their product is the key to happiness in their life. Many people are so engrossed in a consumer driven society that they have never thought of taking a step back and seeing how materialism is not taking their lives anywhere. In the article “What’s Behind Consumerism” from the American Psychological Association, researchers say that new ways of advertising, “paired with cultural shifts toward consumerism, seem to be driving a trend.” The more consumerist our society is, the easier it is for advertising to latch itself into our daily lives.

When living in a society in modern times such as these,

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