Advertisement Analysis Of Coca Cola

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The open happiness slogan as used in fig. 1.3 is a metaphor that is linguistically used to mean that whenever you consumer Coca-cola you will feel happy. The language used in the ad is supposed to be emotionally appealing to the consumer who is consuming the product. Hence, whenever the consumer is stressed he or she will look upon consuming the drink to lower the stress. The company personifies the product in the case of the ad mentioned above to attract sales from the individual by printing the product with popular names. Also, the product is fronted as a connecting factor (Luntz 355). They know that people fear solitude and rejection thereby, appealing to the majority. Coca-cola Company has a heritage of being consumer driven and understanding.
The benefits that are emanating from the beverages the Coca-Cola Company produces make them known to the consumer in their advertising message. For instance, in
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The ad helps pass important message worldwide and also increases the popularity of the brand’s name. Immediately after the advertisement was launched, many people reacted positively. Evidently, the advertisement was successful, which in other words implies that the brand had succeeded in improving the popularity of the brand and its products. Clearly, the advertisement is a significant technique that can be used by a corporation to market its products. In order to increase the sales and the profit earned by the brand, the brand should have numerous advantages over competitors, making similar products (Close 14). Such advantages include, many customers and consumers, quality products, and maximum profit from the sales of the products. A brand, such as, durex brand makes a strategy such as advertisement, in order to have a bigger market share than the immediate competitors. The durex advertisement on the father’s day, attracted many consumers who created room for larger share in the

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