Adventure Driving A Car : The Age Of Distracted And Self Entitled Drivers

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In today’s America, millions of people hop into their cars and head out to work, school, or to meet up with their friends. Due to the sense of adventure driving a car can give, Americans view driving as one of the ultimate expressions of personal freedom. You can drive wherever you desire, as long as nobody else impedes your progress. However, therein is the underlying problem with driving; the age of distracted and self-entitled drivers has fallen upon us. A limited number of drivers on the road properly prepare themselves for the dangers of operating a 2-ton guided weapon on public roadways with other people. Preparing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to drive is as a simple process that too few of today’s drivers understand. Subsequently, numerous people simply fail to pay attention to the other cars around them.
A vast majority of people learned to drive by observing the way other people drive; it may be from their parents, their friends, or from watching movies and TV. Therefore, the first action in defensive driving you should take before jumping into your car is to ensure it is safe to operate on the road. Check your tires for proper inflation at 32 psi and for proper tread depth. To check the tread, hold a penny so that President Lincoln’s head is facing down and place it in between the tread. If you can clearly see the top of his head, it is time to replace the tires. Secondly, confirm you have clear visibility out of all of the windows of…

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