Advantages Of Human Resource Management

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Human resources management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assists- the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement the objectives and the business (Armstrong, 2010. p 35). HR has created many changes in organizations that have been very successful to the company and their employees. HR improves company’s chances of reviewing qualified candidates for the current job within the company. Most companies have them to handle the day to day process of hiring, training, negations of the pay scales, benefits, performance review, and the firing amongst other things. Hiring qualified candidates is a tough decision to make. An education does not always …show more content…
HR provides career growth, knowledge for benefits, and serves as recruiters. In today’s work force, managers are working hard to maintain the best workers for the organizations. HR will negotiate what the pay should be for the job that the employee will be doing. Companies must be able to offer the correct pay in order to obtain the right person for the job. The HR department helps managers wean out the people who are not the fight fit for what the company is looking for. The process saves managers a lot of time going through hundreds of resume to determine who the right fit …show more content…
Most companies have the resources and the funds to provide these services for their employees. These are benefits that most employees look for in a company. The HR department brought these ideas to companies to improve employee satisfaction. They are able to figure out what the hiring needs are for the companies and create a solution that brings qualified people to the company.
To sum up, studies show that HR departments help companies obtain a numerous amount of productivity improvement by organizing on the job training along with a substantial amount of earnings per hour of production. HR works in favor of organizations and employees. Most companies depend on the help of the HR department and employees tend to search for a company who uses

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