Advantages Of Animal Testing

Register to read the introduction… This also includes better housing and improvements to procedures which minimise pain and suffering and/or improve the welfare of the animals. So this means that the animals are looked after properly and any pain and distress is minimised.[3]

Alternatives to animal experimentation

Today, there are many non-animal methods which have replaced animal experimentation and have been accepted by some countries as replacements for an existing animal test. Generally, non-animal tests are faster and less expensive than animal tests because they can be replaced and improve upon. A few examples of replaced animal tests are as following: - Human skin model tests which are now in use and has been accepted universally as a complete substitute for skin corrosion studies in rabbits. - The use of human skin leftover from surgical procedures or donated cadavers can be used to measure the rate at which a chemical is able to penetrate the skin. - Embryonic stem cell test which uses mouse-derived cells in order to assess potential toxicity to progressing embryos has been authorized as a partial alternative for birth-defect testing in rats and
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In other words, they believe that animal experimentation is not justified. This organisation is called upon in official bodies, governments, media etc for its advice as well as its expert opinions that it gives.

The BUAV believes that they work professionally and lawfully and build relationships with MPs, business leaders and other such people. They believe that they are the decision-makers around the globe and act as the voice for animals which get experimented upon in laboratories. They say that they do not receive any government funding for the work which they carry out or lottery money. They have said that the generosity of the supporters which they have is all that they rely on entirely and are grateful for having this support.

The BUAV carry out work such as undercover investigations, media activities, promotions of cruelty free products and other such work. They have many missions which they stick to and accomplish successfully. Some examples of their missions are as such:

- Asserting the entitlement of animals to lives free from suffering, confinement and abuse - Informing, motivating and challenging by exposing the reality of animal

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