The Importance Of Attending A Career Fair

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Have you ever tried to get a job? How many felt they just were not excellent enough for the company? Many people believe that filling out applications in person or online and a job interview are a great way to go, but others argue there is a different route to take. While this technique may work for some citizen, not everybody has the time to sit and wait for the possibility they did or did not get the job. Neither of these techniques seems to help quite a few of us. Gaining experiences, instant job opportunities, market their skills set are the many reason for attending a career fair. Just recently I went to a career fair here at Clark Atlanta University, and was offer a couple of internship …show more content…
Before students go they should create a detail inventory of what their work history, education, and abilities are in the form of resume and cover letters. Do not forget that potential employers are not interested in the student’s skills—they’re interested in how those skills can help them meet their needs. Even though there may not be companies that catch a person’s eye, citizens still should go up to one and market themselves, they may never know what they might like about that company. Career fairs are not just for the company, but for the student to find out what skill set they need to improve or one they need to gain. When college students do not go it is very hard to show their skills online versus going to a place; where they can show tons of employers what they are made of. In addition to that, participating in a job fair simplifies and shortens the interview process: here AUC college students can have that immediately after seeing the company that they would like to work for. Moreover, sometimes it is difficult to understand what the company is really doing from its online announcement, while being at a job fair students should ask as many questions as they need to obtain the desired information. As a final point, make sure not to put ridiculous skill sets on there and keep it short and

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