Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In The Country And Country Life

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If you had two choices, which one would you choose: city life or country life? Some people think that living in the city is more advantageous financially and for a successful career. However, others insist that living in the country is more of a less stressful, more adventurous place to live. In this essay; I will be comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of living in either the city or country in terms of the entertainment, physical condition, food, and the people within both the city and the country. As a born- and- raised country boy, having now adopted the glamorous living of the city, it is safe to assume that I have experienced the best (and possibly worst) of both worlds. Both environments are two entirely different …show more content…
Just quiet. The country life is a completely different world then what the average city life citizen knows of. The thought of peace of mind in the country is applied because of the slow paced life- style the country offers. The country life offers clean fresh air to breath, real food that did not come out of factories, millions of stars in the night sky, country music (personally my favorite), and southern hospitality is applied in the country. People down south are the nicest people one may every meet in a lifetime! If someone had a flat tire in the middle of the road, the next car coming along the way will never hesitate to help! Also, there are no Smart cars, Priuses’, Mercedes, and all those fancy cars untamed on the roads; however, our Ford F-150s, Chevy Silverado’s, Rams, and GMC Serria’s roam the roads! In addition, the country night lights are a sight to behold- not charged by man’s electricity, but from nature’s starry lights. In the country, one will never witness a child playing video games or staying inside during any type of day: wither it’s raining, snowing, or on a gorgeous sunny day. Instead of beaches, families go to the lake or river instead of five-star hotels with pools and hot

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