Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Communication

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Like everything in life there are two aspects of a situation, the good and the bad. Also known as the negative and positives, group communication displays both these characteristics. During my life I have been involved in many group communication settings. From being on multiple teams throughout my athletic career to different group assignments throughout my academic career, I have experienced both the negatives and positives of group communication.
Some advantages of group communication can include shared decision making, shared resources, synergy, and exposure to diversity. Some negative disadvantages aspects of group communication may include both relationship disadvantages and task disadvantages. Relationship disadvantages during group
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A group is usually put together of different members with the job to complete any given task. Groups however aren 't always successful at completing the task they are given. When a displays negative communication skills this can make the group become frustrated or angry. Being a part of a group requires time. Time that can often be hard to find when dealing with larger groups with more members. As hard as time is to come by it is also one of the most important things when dealing with group communication. When a member isn’t present during a meeting of exchanges of messages, they may not remember nor know what the group is discussing or the outcome of decisions the group had to make. An example I can relate to as a task disadvantage regarding time was also during a college class’ project I had to complete last semester. When the small group I was a member of had our weekly meetings, one member was never available to meet, this meant that he was often lost and had no clue what was going on. Not only did this come as a disadvantage to him but as well as the group as a whole. When he did show up it sometimes delayed the group which caused us to lose track of the structure we had previously set in order to achieve the task in a timely matter. Groupthink can be considered another big task disadvantage. Like the saying goes “too little no good, too much no good”. When a group has too much diversity it may create …show more content…
By setting a list of boundaries on different rules the group has created in the beginning of the first interaction between group members will set a prescient of what is expected from the group as a whole as well as the members. Boundaries regarding roles of members will also positively benefit the group because each member will know his/her job, what to do and what is expected of them. By creating a clear and structured schedule of the steps needed to complete the task will serve as a purpose for what the group will be

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