Addiction Essay

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Addiction, what is it? Is it something that we feel or is it really a choice? For years in my personal life I have seen addiction take over my whole family through drugs and alcohol. It has destroyed many of people and it has helped many of people at the same time. When the word “addiction” is said it is manly used in a negative way, but it can also be positive as well. So is it or is it not a choice? In the beginning of any addiction it always starts off as choice or “something you want to do”. You want to drink, you want to do drugs, you want to have sex, etc. As time goes on though those so called “choices” that you once had start to become more addictive and more addictive until you are at a point where you don’t feel like or want to …show more content…
Addiction with drugs also has to do with the reward or pleasure we get out of using them not just the ingredients that go into them (Young, 246). If this is true then would it be right to say that addiction lies in more things than just drugs? For example couldn’t it be said that work is an addiction because of the reward or feeling get out of it such as money? In her paper Young states that over repeated encounters with effective rewards we begin to associate the reward and feelings it engenders with surroundings that we encounter it (Young, 246). Meaning that the natural surroundings that a drug is at tends to play a toll on an addicts decision on rather or not they want the feeling that the drugs give them, but aren’t drugs everywhere? Through her paper we can see that drugs can be a form of a disease without choice by the way they affect the brain. If you have no control over your mind then you have absolutely no control over yourself. The disease of drugs can be spread from one person to another by the influence an addict can give to another person, but the influence that a person receives from an addict is not alone a disease. It can be turned into an addiction and from there if the addiction becomes too strong for the beholder then it becomes a disease that is no longer a choice. We

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