Addiction : The Many Faces Of Addiction Essay

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The Many Faces of Addiction
Kayla McKnight
Bluefield State College

Author 's Note
This paper was prepared for English 101, taught by Mrs. Adrian Ayersman
Basically, addiction is a disease that many suffer from and some do not. Addiction is not limited to only substance abuse, although, it’s the most popular addiction. However, there are a variety of addictions aside from substance abuse – food, internet, gambling, trichotillomania, kleptomania, and sex addictions. Unfortunately, many Americans are blind to the many different varieties of addictions that actually exist. Typically, one addiction creates many others; therefore, it’s impenetrable to deny the many different varieties of addiction.

The Many Faces of Addiction The face of addiction has been around for decades and has claimed the lives of thousands each year. Many fail to realize that addiction is unfortunately extremely rewarding for those suffering from the disease. They fail to acknowledge that their actions are often lethal. That’s what addiction does to you. Addiction doesn’t care if you need to get your children up for school in the morning. Addiction ultimately consumes one’s life and every particular decision being made. Although substance abuse captivates a huge component of addiction, it’s not the sole characteristic of addiction; unfortunately, many people do not believe in the ability to develop dependency to anything else. Generally, our genetics and family…

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