Ad Analysis : Advertising For Perfume Essay

756 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
Ad Analysis In the forefront of the advertisement is an exceptionally attractive nude Caucasian lady. She is wrapped in a very thin banner that barely covers her nipples. On her head, is a pink see through sheet, which gives her the appearance of a flower. She is seductively holding a bottle of perfume next to her nose as she stares into the camera. On the top of the ad, it reads “Flowerbomb” which is the name given to the perfume trying to be sold in this advertisement. Advertisements are becoming more and more sexualized every day. Just like in my example of the Flowerbomb perfume ad by Viktor and Rolf found in Cosmopolitan written on October of 2015. This is an advertisement for perfume, but has an extremely sexual twist. This ad sells more than perfume, in order to manipulate the audience into buying. It does this by sexualizing the woman, incorporating racy feminist imagery, and finally promoting confidence. The claim that this advertisement is only selling perfume is false, due the perfume is not the main focus. It is only an object being help in the hand of a naked women who is up close and in the center of the ad. This advertisement is targeted towards younger females and all females who want to appeal more attractive towards the opposite sex. Cosmopolitan magazine has many ads like this which catch the attention of their female audience. By having the women in the ad close to naked, it makes other women think that they need to look like that in order to be…

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