Hrm 531 Week 4 Team Assignment

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Customer priority – Customer priority means how many customers buys some same products. Most of the customers buys small and 4 seaters cars because these are very good and economical cars. Customers giving prefers to small cars.
Development of customer service standards
Customer priorities – In this point if numbers of customers buy a same kind of product is called customer priorities but here most of the customers buys a small or 4 tires cars and there are so better for the small families.
Plan and develop customer service standard – I taken ace rentals cars company they providing a rentals car to customers. Every business depends on the customers’ demands. Customer service standard depends on the time how much time you take give
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Notice board: - The director will also write their problems on the notice board as well because which staff member will be missing in the meeting they will see them.
E mails: - The company department also send emails to individuals will have to solve problems.
Vision and mission statement: - The Ace company dream of its mission to increase sales in the short term to solve customer problems and provide better service to them.
(cars, 2016) 3.Ace rentals have to change the employees’ rosters in every month so there is changed good for every business because everyone has chance to show his performance in the work. If any worker does their job very well his reputation will increase as well as giving promotion to worker.
4.This point relates to customer feedback how can customer give feedback – back. If any customer coming for taking car for rent at the end they will give one feedback card to customer for giving feedback to company.
5.I will write about the giving rentals cars to customers it is doing business in the market very well. Because it is very famous company in the all over the New Zealand. It is related to giving the rentals cars to

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