Account Planning Case Study

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Let us have a look at the role of account planning in relation to all these different stakeholders.
1.) Account planning and account management
For account people, the relationship is highly rewarding. According to Jane Newman, ‘First, it is a peer relationship with a comrade and someone who will share ideas without judgment, not dissimilar to the art director/copywriter relationship. Secondly, it raises the whole level of dialogue on the account several notches and frees account management to take stronger leadership and a more entrepreneurial role. Thirdly, every account person knows that in their past there have been many occasions where advertising has worked and the effect has been accomplished without a planner being involved.
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Agencies must not only be committed to excellence in all their work, despite the constraints of budget, time and client turmoil, but they should also have a deep-seated belief within their organisation that they are in a service business and must remain flexible and responsive to clients’ needs. Since the initial concept of account planning was introduced, clients have viewed it as having enormous added value.
Planning is, according to Jane Newman (1998) ‘more productive and more focused than traditional research’. It is far more than simply advertising. ‘A planner should be so in tune with the consumer that he or she can help with packaging, promotion, product development, and even acquisitions, anything the client needs. In a fast-changing category, the planner’s very up-to-date knowledge of the consumer can help the client to keep in touch and stay ahead. Finally, because it is a line function it is proactive and “can do”’. (Newman, 1998)
4.) Account planning and the
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Rather than working simply as a consumer advocate, account planning in digital advertising is a user’s advocate. This means understanding how consumers are interacting or using your Website, microsite, or social media. The user experience (UX) director and the information architecture (IA) director function as account planners for the digital space. Their role is to determine how to make the digital experience a useful and engaging one for the consumer.
Just as an account planner may look at a consumer’s relationship with a brand, the UX or IA director is looking at the relationship that a consumer has with a brand’s digital assets. The goal of each is to craft an insightful and strategically sound brand experience.
Depending on the organization, an account planner can be an advertising strategist, a business consultant, a consumer ombudsman for the creative or media group, a UX or IA specialist, or merely a creative brief producer. It all depends upon the commitment that the organization may or may not have to account

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