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Accenture was able to use this information to locate where they were losing the most productivity and identify the problem to resolve next (Accenture, 2011, High Performance Delivered Section). This worked well for them because they were able to quickly fix the issues that Vorne discovered. The main problem Accenture dealt with was identifying the cause of the production delays. Vorne was able to provide this information and give insight on how to improve the production time most efficiently.

Our company, Salomon, could benefit greatly from using a system like Vorne because it would be able to identify where we are having problems with machines breaking down and provide us with advice on what needs the most improvement. With this information we would be able to immediately repair damages, continue production while reducing the amount of time delays, products will be manufactured on time, and the overall efficiency of production will improve. Vorne would also allow us to prevent problems from happening in the future because we would be able to constantly use the system and fix the problem before it causes a major delay.

Toyota: Lean Manufacturing

Toyota is a large Japanese automotive manufacturer that believes in providing high-quality goods and services for their customers. This can be difficult because customers expect superior quality and prompt delivery. In the early 1990’s, Toyota discovered that there were many problems in their production process that were…

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