Essay on Academic Factual Practices And Its Impact On The World

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The 30 second world we live in today, society only want’s 10 seconds. The essence of time is very precious to us and is proven with the way we act, and react to our surroundings. To some, teaching is the essence of what we know or live through by memory and past experience, to others it is about academic factual practices and in theory is where one will find ultimate understanding of our world and how to live in it. However, to what extend are these opposing sides true? Is there only one real way of learning? The answer may depend to some, but for the 21st century practitioner those answers may vary, intertwine and lap over another. Knowledge can be within us or it could be out there waiting for us to find it; the ultimate rule of this is to find the courage to understand and make use of it. Teachers are one of those seekers to find and understand education and to make due of its full potential. How to deliver this information can be tricky and vary on the community, people, and attitudes.

Teaching Philosophy
My teaching philosophy started out as an observation through my personal experience as a student. As most muses ignite my philosophy came from things I saw in my own teacher’s methods that I didn’t agree with; whether it was teaching lecture style, or only aiding to one sort of learning style. (Egbo 2011) Teaching, like any truly human activity, emerges from one’s inwardness, for better or worse (P. 16). Anyone can teach, but it takes a person with…

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