Abraham Lincoln The Strongest President Essay

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The United States of America has a long history. A great part of that history is the history of our many presidents. Though each of them made huge contributions to our government, some still argue which of them was the strongest. Between Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln is the strongest because of his leadership and his commintment to values.

The strongest president is Abraham Lincoln because of his leadership and his commitment to values. According to article 1, the civil war was "a dispute that could have torn the country in half" (Stone 2). Lincoln had come up with many strategies to help the country survive the war. His final act that ended the war was the Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished
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Some would say that George Washington was the strongest president because he served in many wars and also helped draft the Constitution. It is true that he helped draft one of the most important documents in our nations history, but just because he served in many wars does not mean that he was a strong president. He served in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War but when he fought in those wars, he wasn't technically president yet. He might've had strong leadership while serving in those wars but besides drafting the constitution, he didn't benefit the government and the country as a whole. Thomas Jefferson was a great president as well, but he wasn't as strong as the other two. He may have written the Declaration of Independence but all of the other things he did, like the Lewis and Clark expedition or purchasing the Louisina Territory, didn't benefit people back then. They benefit us now but back then, people were too busy working and doing other things to care about all that. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both great presidents but Abraham Lincoln is the strongest out of all of them.

Abraham Lincoln is the strongest president because of his leadership and commitment to values. He ended the civil war and abolished slavery. If he hadn't done those things our world today would be very different. All of the presidents that this country has had were great and strong.

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