Why Was George Washington Best President Essay

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George Washington could arguably be the best president but reasons as to why Washington was the nation 's most well done president can be drawn from before his presidency as a general during the revolutionary war. During the war he demonstrated great strength in leadership and intelligence, leading his outnumbered army away from defeat on two different occasions that gave them a much needed advantage that ultimately won the war. The first occasion was during the battle of Princeton on December 26th 1776 and in Morristown in 1777. During both instances, Washington seemed to be outnumbered and losing the battles but managed to outsmart the British on both accounts. Afterwards when he was unanimously elected by the electoral college in 1789 and …show more content…
Washington is the only president to be unanimously elected president for both terms, reasons as to why he was unanimously elected twice was based off of the outstanding characteristics he showed during the Revolutionary War as a general. And even in office his president-like characteristics followed him through the Whiskey Rebellion, the Gradual Abolition Law, and will even serve as a permanent example to every president elected after. In 1791, George Washington had signed off on the tax on domestically distilled spirits, whiskey. Import duties being the greatest source of revenue, many of Washington 's cabinet members agreed that it would be economically feasible to levy taxes to pay for the war bonds. But, taxes didn’t weren’t too popular with the people of the newly formed nation and as a result rebellion broke out as armed rebels robbed mail, stopped court proceedings, and threatened to assault Pittsburg. Washington saw the resemblance in Shay’s Rebellion just eight months prior to the Whiskey Rebellion and knew this was a threat to the nation’s existence. As a result he decided to make an example of the government’s federal authority in Pennsylvania, summoning the Militia Act in 1792. This law would not tolerate the rebellion by serving court orders for protesters to appear in federal court, ultimately ending the rebellion and upholding the taxes. Later on the first of March on 1780, Pennsylvania legislatures under Washington signed for the Gradual Abolition Law. This law too will set a precedent for future presidents to consider abolishing slavery on the western hemisphere as the law granted any slave born after the law was signed off to be freed despite the color of his skin - another law would eventually free all slaves in 1847, Pennsylvania - and also made illegal the future importation of slaves into Pennsylvania. But

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