Essay on Abortions Should Not Be Abortions

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26 seconds pass, and a baby is dead. In the time it takes to brush your teeth, three babies have been aborted. In the United States alone, in just one day’s time, 3,315 unborn babies have had their lives taken from them before they really even began (Guttmacher Institute). As more and more women terminate their pregnancies, the depravity of this injustice is growing in depth and scope. As we have recently learned through media, the lengths that some abortion companies go to with these procedures are unthinkable. These unborn children have suffered an atrocity that no one deserves. Abortions have been performed for much longer than many recognize. In every society studied, abortions have been quite common, and they were even common in America from the time the first settlers crossed the Atlantic. Abortions were originally banned in the United States out of fear that the country would be populated with more “immigrant” children than “native children.” Also, due to the lack of antiseptics and proper education of physicians, abortions were highly dangerous and often lead to maternal and infant mortality. By the time medical technology and health standards had evolved to properly perform procedures, abortions were made illegal in the United States and many women had to have them performed illegally, resulting in death, infections, and medical complications that followed them for years. However, in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortions in the infamous case of Roe…

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