Abortion : The Ethical Principles Towards Abortion And The Removal Of Pregnancies

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When if ever is it right to terminate a pregnancy? These are some of the moral dilemmas that we are faced when dealing with the issue of abortion: the ethical principles towards abortion and the removal of pregnancies. Abortion is the extinction of a pregnancy and ejection of a seed or of a fetus. In the United States, abortions are an exceedingly controversial matter in our society. In this paper, I will discuss how the author Ernest Hemingway addresses the concern of abortion through a woman 's eye and how this issue is still relevant. As you are first reading, "Hills like White Elephants" it takes place in the mid-1920s and begins with a man and a woman who sit in a bar by a train station in northern Spain making small talk. In general, around the world in the 1920 's abortion was without a doubt illegal, unsafe, hard to obtain, frightening, socially unacceptable, and in the United States, the issue of abortion is still a sensitive subject for a lot of people. In the United States, abortions are an outstandingly controversial matter in our society. As of this year, there are over three thousand abortions per day and the issue on whether to allow it or not has constantly been arguing over the past decade. During the 1920s abortions were looked down upon on because of social reasons, However, In recent debates, pro-life supporters usually find the procedure to be immoral in ways such as religious, medical, etc. nevertheless regardless of the concerns that others may have…

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