Essay about Abortion Should Not Be Banned

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Do you believe in killing innocent babies? Most people believe that it is morally wrong; if men and women want to have unprotected sex then they should be held responsible. On the other hand people believe that women should have the right to choose because they could be a victim of incest and some young ladies are too young to bear children. Overall, Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned presents the more effective argument based on, claim and reasons, evidence audience, and appeal. In the article, Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned, explains how they believe that late-term abortions or all abortions should be banned. President Barack Obama supports abortion and says that it is a “private family matter”. An example the article gives is the Kermit Gosnell case.
In the article, Late-Term Abortions Should Not Be Banned, explains how abortions should not be banned because they believe that all women should be able to chose abortion, no matter what the circumstances are. President Obama says that protecting neonates would violate Roe v. Wade. and undermine the right to abortion.
The first article, Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned gives a more effective claim and reason because it goes into detail about how all abortion is considered murder and gives an example of the case of Kermit Gosnell and his procedure of a “live-birth abortion” and tells that the Philadelphia clinic had used dirty instruments which spread diseases and the state government conducted no oversight,…

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