Abortion Should Be The Last Resort Essay

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People have known about abortion for many years. Some might be against it while others might believe it is for the better of the mother. For those who do not know what abortion is, it is the process where a person terminates a baby that is in the womb and usually occurs within the first 28 weeks. Teenagers who have had sex and accidently gotten pregnant or women who may die during childbirth normally have abortions. There are some though, that do it just so they do not have to take responsibility. Considering the negative effects of abortion, it should be the last resort because of mental health issues and moral implications, your religion and the fact that people can adopt.
As people age more and more in research of abortion, scientists realize how bad the health issues are becoming from abortion. According to a book, an abortion can lead to perforations on the uterus, cuts on the cervix, and chemical burns on their vagina. Another thing that seems to be common when going to places that are not experts at abortion may result in renal failure or Clostridium Welchii, a rod shaped pathogenic bacteria of the fetus (Barron125). Hodgson states, “Death attributed to abortion rose from 100 to nearly 400 per annum (125). The book Abortion and Sterilization: Medical and Social Aspects claims, it is very difficult to help people who have survived an illegal abortion due to their illnesses from it. Also Chronic Pelvic Sepsis with painful heavy period and dyspareunia are very…

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