Argumentative Essay: One's Right To Life

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One’s Right to Life Who decides whether a person lives or dies? This is the question that is being discussed by almost everyone: they are discussing whether abortion is right or wrong. One person that had to decide is Sue. Sue and her very abusive husband have been having various relationship problems. One day, Sue meets an old friend and later that night the engage in consensual sex. Even though her friend had a vasectomy and they used protection, she still became pregnant. Sue knows that she and her friend will be in life threatening danger if her husband found out. Also, she will lose one of very few relationships she has; her mother. Her sister is for abortion and supports Sue’s choice if she decides to get one. Sue eventually decided to go through with the abortion. The topic that is being argued by …show more content…
The burglar in the analogy represents something bad, like endangering the mother’s life with the pregnancy. If a burglar, or threat to the mother’s life occurred the person could kick out the burglar, or terminate the pregnancy. She can do this because she has a right to life equally as important as a baby. This solution can also be argued for that statement that Pope John Paul II makes: abortion is not right in any circumstance. Since carrying out the baby will probably kill the mother, both rights to life are at stake, so the mother could choose since she also has a right to what happens to he own body.
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Abortion is morally wrong. Everyone has a right to life and by going through abortion one is terminating that right, which is morally wrong. The only justified reason to go through abortion is if it endangers the mother’s life, because then both humans deserve that right. The mother can go through with an abortion because she has, in addition to her right to life, the right to control her body. Abortion is morally wrong unless it endangers the life of the

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