Argumentative Essay: The Right To Die Movement

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“If you don 't have liberty and self-determination, you got nothing. That 's what this country 's built on and this is the ultimate self-determination to determine when and how you 're gonna die when you 're suffering”- Jack Kevorkian (“People”). Jack Kevorkian, or infamously known as Dr. Death, was a practicing physician and convicted murderer whom brought a spotlight to the nationwide conversation on the right to die movement (“Prescription”). But, what is the right to die movement? The right to die movement is an advocacy movement that stresses the belief in the natural or constitutional right to end one’s life when they seem fit, especially in the case of a terminal illness. However, with every movement there are citizens on both sides of the agreement. In this ever-progressing society, the ability of medicine has …show more content…
As the case with this paper, I, the writer has a bias when it comes to the right to die movement. I was born and raised Christian, specifically Lutheran. I believe we were a little bit more at ease with some subjects, but there is a slight shame placed upon suicide. However, as I have grown and seen the world for what it is, I have some differing stances. The church preaches ‘thou shall not kill’, which implies the obvious rejection of murder, but it is also applied to suicide. So, when someone kills themselves it is considered an act against God. However, I see fault with this since when someone is killing for a ‘good’ reason (i.e. a police officer or military personnel) they are praised. I also see fault when it is preached to have compassion for all who are suffering, yet when there is a way for someone to die at peace and with dignity it is considered taboo. So, I may believe in God and Jesus, but I believe the right to die movement is a legitimate cause that should be heard. If I was in any of the advocates situations I would want to be able to die before the illness has taken control of my

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