Abortion Is The Way That The Unexpected Parent Wants Terminate The Unborn Baby

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Abortion is the way that the unexpected parent wants to terminate the unborn baby. The baby is still a human, so they have a right to live and to be born. The term of abortion is common to use in several purpose which has been filled with the controversy. In the world, abortion remains widespread, and it also legal in the United States by the Supreme Court. Moreover, abortions are the most risky procedures, and it can cause the risk of the conflict in society in the family of the mother. Whether doing illegal abortion or legal abortion, abortion is still remaining the issues in the society and human morally.
Based on the sociological imagination, people’s behaviors and attitudes should be perceived in the context of the social forces of the act of abortion. Abortion depends on the moment and the living condition of the mother. For examples, if the mom is too old (over 43 years old) or too young (under 16 years old), they should not have babies. If they are accidently pregnant, they will have to abort the baby. So, woman should have to take the exam on their health condition before they decide to keep the baby or not. According to the Mandatory Ultrasounds said “Should women be required to undergo an ultrasound examination before having an abortion?” Article showed “The decision to obtain an abortion is an extremely serious one, and women should have all the information they can get before making that decision, including the information provided by an ultrasound. If…

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