Informative Essay On Buddhism

Buddhist teaching help people become more aware of themselves, and the world around them. They also help steer people’s mindsets away from negative thought and actions. One of the ways to help clear your mind, and follow the ways of the Buddha is by meditating, through the ceremony of Puja. Also by following the Dalai Lama, and what he has had to say about the religion, and the teachings he has spoken about in many of his world tours. These impact on they way Buddhist individuals and the whole community live amongst themselves and in public, with all of them believing in Karma.

One of the Buddhist teachings is Karma, meaning that the energy you put into and action is the same energy that will come back to you in your next life. For example,
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The teaching that help decide on the decision of the bioethical issues come down to the concept of karma, the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path and the 5 Precepts. They use these teaching to guide themselves in the right path so that they do not emit any negative consequence, and do not go against any of the teachings. Some of the traditional Buddhist traditions have been challenged by modern science but they still take the situational point of view. For example, abortion is prohibited in the religion as they are against the killing of all living things. This goes against one of the precepts and is frowned upon, but due to having the situational point of view, and believing in karma, abortion can be seen as alright. Buddhist believe in the avoidance of suffering, therefore if the mother is in danger of dying if going forward with this birth than she is allowed to abort the child because she is doing it with the right intention to survive, and have a life without suffering. But if the pregnancy was unplanned and the couple just don’t want the baby then this is the wrong intention, and therefore negative energy is bound for them in their new life. Another example where the views toward abortion are alright is if the mother of the baby was raped. Because it was not her intention to be a mother, and to live a life without suffering, this would be accepted and no negative intentions or energy would be

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