Abortion Is Murder And Should Be Illegal Essay

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One day Socrates went to the park to run as training for the 5k run he signed up to do. After running two miles, he decided to stop for a short break. As he was sitting in a bench at the park, a young women sat angrily down next to him to receive a phone. Janice: Claire, listen to me you cannot follow through with it. It is precious life inside of you. Please realize that. It will be committing murder if you have an abortion. Take some time to think about this decision. I am going to your house tomorrow, so we can talk more. Okay? See you then. Bye.
Janice: Why can people not see abortion is murder and should be illegal?
Socrates: Hello ma’am. I happened to hear your conversation with your friend, and I know it is none of my business to discuss the situation you are in with your friend, but would you mind expanding on why you think your friend should not get the abortion? Why should abortion be illegal?
Janice: I warned Claire about him. He was a scumbag that would only lead her to heartbreak. He led her own for weeks, only wanting one thing. Now, she is ten weeks pregnant with his child, and he disappeared when he found out about the baby. She has attempted to talk with him, but he changed phone numbers. Too bad she does not have family around. It is a devastating situation to be in, but that baby should not be killed because of her decision. All babies deserves to live. Their bodies and internal organs start developing a couple of weeks in, and they have a regular rhythm…

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