Abortion Is Just Flat Out Wrong Essay

1199 Words Apr 6th, 2016 null Page
Abortion steals the choice from the unborn child to live life. Many people have different views on abortions like if or when it’s right or wrong, but abortion shouldn’t be okay sometimes in one scenario then not okay other in another. Abortion is just flat out wrong, its murdering an unborn baby and taking away its only chance to live life they were meant to live. If murdering other people once born is a crime then abortion should be taken just as seriously. People tend to argue what if the girl was raped or she has so much going for her if she has a child her whole life will be thrown away. That is not the case, there are other options rather than just jumping to abortion. You can still live a wonderful life with a child, but if you are not ready to be a mother adoption is a great option that will fulfill the child 's needs that you were unable to meet. Most people regret having abortion once it is too late, they wish they would have done it differently. In other words abortion kills why not choose another option that you won’t regret later on in life and an options that give the child a chance to live a great life.

Having a baby is a beautiful blessing but some people see it as a roadblock to their future. People think having a baby at an unplanned time can ruin someone’s life but really the baby is just a blessing in disguise a miracle even. God know what we need in our lives and when we need it “He sees these empty moments—these hours that you are…

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