Abortion In World Ethics Essay

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Abortion in World Religions: Is it ethical? In this world where abortion has been discussed to a high extent, it would seem that there would be a definite answer on the ethicality of abortion. It would also seem that through the increase of scientific research through the years, there would be a solution to the question: when does life begin? However this is not the case, especially when religion is brought into the picture. In the religion of Buddhism, it is “believe[d] that abortion at any time is a killing and unwholesome action” because ‘a being waiting to be born’ transmits his or her own kammic energy to be born as a new person” (Maguire, 2003). However, if the mother’s life is at risk due to pregnancy and the decision is thought …show more content…
This is clear because of the problem-solver’s mindset. Weston wrote about this topic where “each side is right about something…it’s very likely that you can still find shared or at least compatible values…although you may give them somewhat different priorities” (Weston, 2011). This shows that if a Buddhist, a Jew, and a Muslim sat down and explained their views, they can eventually find some similarities between them; for example, that they initially disapprove of abortion, have exceptions, and that they have compassion for women. It is reasonable for there to be different priorities in regards to abortion, but allowing oneself to accept others priorities will create a cohesive environment in the world of religion. Since there are differences between each religions viewpoint on abortion, they are reluctant to agree with another religion. The saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” applies in this sense that on the outside, these religions have different views, but inside they do have some similarities. These similarities could actually allow them to gain insight and perspective that eventually could end the conflict of ethicality on abortion. Throughout time, one can see the rise of the power of women, specifically in the United States, from the women’s rights movement, to now breaking the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam are on the same wavelength that the safety of the mother is important, therefore having compassion for women. All of these religions do not like the idea of abortion and disapprove, but they also have exceptions for the benefit of the mother. If these religions took this one fact that they have in common, they could bring all of their other ideas to the table, which could allow for an educated agreement on abortion. It shows that ignorance is the cause of conflict, as it prevents a

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