The Symptoms Of Abortion

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Abortions; this one word brings about starkly contrasted feelings in every heart across the world. It is both encouraged and frowned upon, and affects everyone. One story about it comes from an unnamed woman in Newport Beach, California. She was 24, and already had three kids. She knew she couldn’t give birth to a fourth one because “Everything in…[her] life leading up to this traumatic moment was an absolute mess…[Her] marriage…[Her] friendships…[Her] relationship with God. All of it, an absolute nightmare” (“Abortion Story…”). She told no one, and discreetly landed herself in an abortion clinic. After a few weeks, she was given pills to medically abort her baby. The problem was, it didn’t pan out like the doctors assured her it would. She was supposed to bleed for two weeks and be done with it, but she ended up bleeding profusely for three months before she caved and went to the hospital, desperately hoping her husband wouldn’t discover what she had done. They did a D&C and sent …show more content…
After an abortion, a woman is forever changed mentally. Most women develop post-abortion syndrome. The symptoms include, but are not limited to: not being able to complete the grieving process, self-destructive tendencies, feeling isolated, confused, irritable, or aggressive, having anxiety attacks, having nightmares or sleeping disorders, recurrent thoughts, flashbacks, and repression of thoughts or feelings about the abortion, withdrawal, a sense of hopelessness about the future, and maybe even suicidal thoughts or acts (Burke). These are all serious things that can ruin a person’s life. has abortion stories from women around the world who confess how their lives were altered. Even though some women won’t admit it, an abortion always affects them in some way. Depending on the person and depending on their situation determines how deeply they are scarred. Are the mental/emotion effects worth an

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