Abortion And World Religions : Is It Ethical? Essay

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Abortion in World Religions: Is it ethical? In this world where abortion has been discussed to a high extent, it would seem that there would be a definite answer on the ethicality of abortion. It would also seem that through the increase of scientific research through the years, there would be a solution to the question: when does life begin? However this is not the case, especially when religion is brought into the picture. In the religion of Buddhism, it is “believe[d] that abortion at any time is a killing and unwholesome action” because ‘a being waiting to be born’ transmits his or her own kammic energy to be born as a new person” (Maguire, 2003). However, if the mother’s life is at risk due to pregnancy and the decision is thought out and taken seriously, and if a woman is pregnant due to sexual assault, abortion is permissible (Maguire, 2003). Judaism does not completely forbid abortion, but actually permits abortion for health reasons, such as, “If the mother’s life, or physical or mental health, is at risk (including, for some, the situation in which having a severely disabled child, would threaten her mental health)” (Maguire, 2003). Muslims believe that abortion is forbidden, but in certain situations, such as, “if the mother’s health is endangered or if the fetus is found to have an abnormality that is lethal or will call severe disability” or “if [the] pregnancy results from a circumstance beyond a woman’s will (e.g. rape),” it may be permitted (Alamri,…

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